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About Tata Motors Horizonext

HORIZONEXT, is a four-pronged customer-focused strategy, which provides the best customer experience -- from best vehicle experience to superlative purchase experience and followed by technology-intense after market service support. The four pillars for this strategy are:

  • Intense product focus
  • Focus on world-class manufacturing practices
  • Enriched customer purchase experience
  • Consistent quality of service

The forthcoming Auto Expo 2014, will be a platform to showcase plans for its first pillar – Product Focus.

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India Expo Mart,
Greater Noida,
Delhi, NCR
Auto Expo 2014

Tata Motors, as a global automobile company, is passionately committed to delivering the best vehicles and experiences to its customers and working closely with partners, suppliers and employees to be among the most admired companies for all stakeholders. As a global player, It is among the few companies in the world, to offer an extensive portfolio to its consumers. In the passenger vehicles, the company has a play in the Hatchbacks and Sedan segment going upto SUVs and MUVs. In Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors’ product range start from 500 kg Pick-up to 49T Trucks to luxury bus coaches. It has also been at the forefront of offering special application vehicles and Defence & Paramilitary Solutions. With tremendous global experience, the company brings, deep understanding of customer expectations, from diverse markets and is well positioned to cater to ever changing automotive norms and consumer trends, across the globe.

With Horizonext, the company has charted its customer focused strategy, based on four pillars – Intense Product development, World-class manufacturing quality, Enhanced purchase experience and Consistent service delivery.

The forthcoming Auto Expo 2014, will be a platform to showcase plans for its first pillar – Product Focus

At the Auto Expo 2014, Tata Motors will showcase an extensive range of exciting and stunning Vehicles and Concepts. These new hi-tech range represent the new Tata Motors, with focus on Design, Performance and Connectivity, keeping customers central in its product planning and development. Tata Motors is equally focused on environment-friendly technologies in emissions and alternative fuels and so you will see a stunning range of alternate fuel technologies on display, as well.

With the foundation of its rich heritage and innovation in product development, Tata Motors today is etching a refulgent future.

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